"The foundation of every state is the education of its youth." - Diogenes Laertius



Our first goal is to link Chop's Teen Club, Santa Rosa City Parks and Recreation Department, the neighborhoods of Burbank Gardens, Juilliard Park, West End and Olive Park, together to supervise, mentor and support the teens who attend Chop's Teen Club, which include the court referred. We want one adult for every five teens. The objective for having such a low teen to adult ratio is to provide opportunities for these at risk teens to bond with adults in the community and therefore create a better downtown community. In addition, they will have the opportunity to learn about plants and watersheds.


Second, our goal is creek maintenance. The objective is to remove any trash, fire hazard material (i.e. plants, weeds), remove any non-native, invasive plants (i.e. ivy) and to plant California Native species with the intent to assist with the ongoing restoration of the creek to its natural habitat. We also plan to provide ongoing trash clean up, graffiti removal and maintenance. The goal is to have adults from the community assist with supervising the volunteers from Chop's Teen Club.

Our final goal is to complete a mural under the Dutton Bridge. The Dutton Bridge is the target of gang graffiti and it visually detracts from the natural beauty of the Santa Rosa Creek. The teens would learn how to design a public art project and paint a mural. The objective of the mural project is to provide a fun and creative opportunity for teens to participate in the community. The goal is to foster self-esteem and community pride in order to decrease graffiti and gang tagging.


Our mission is to foster an appreciation for the creek and the natural habitat with the young people and the residents of the surrounding neighborhoods. Many people, plants and animals will benefit from the Santa Rosa Creek Project. The health of the creek running through Santa Rosa, will be improved by the introduction native plants to improve the ecosystem of Santa Rosa creek. It wil be a great benefit to have local participation in the restoration, maintenance and cleanup of the creek and parks. The Prince Memorial Greenway is a valuable resource which the young people can be stewards of. We hope to show the teens how community involvement can be an empowering tool.